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Vincent Morelle &

Argentine Tango Choreographers

Vincent and Maryline form a couple of dancers who marked the history of Argentine tango in Belgium and Europe."Magnetic presence, creativity, musicality, total abandon in improvisation... inspiring..." are words often used to describe them.

Since 1997, Vincent and Maryline have been working together.
She trained as a classical dancer, he trained as a gymnast.
She started tango when he arrived in Belgium in 1991, he a little later, in 1996. 
From their first steps, both were seized with a devouring passion for this dance and traveled thousands of kilometers to meet teachers and other dancers inquest for inspiration.
Very quickly they 
dedicated totally to this discipline.

Inspired by the influences and trends of more traditional to more experimental, they made their own synthesis and distinguished themselves on the international Argentine tango scene for their very personal and unique style…

They are a couple of extreme dancers, they like to alternate amplitude, width and space with intimacy; slow motion and silence with explosion...

Abandonment in improvisation, listening to others have a central place in their work.

They have contributed to the evolution of tango in Europe by responding to numerous invitations to most cities where this discipline has developed to give workshops and masterclasses, training many current professionals.
They also traveled a lot to participate in festivals, shows, to accompany orchestras during concerts.

In 1997, they created a space dedicated to tango in Brussels 'Argonne' which remains in the memory of many dancers a mythical place which allowed many international tanguera meetings.

In 2005, they participated as dancer-choreographers in the creation of Astor Piazzolla's operita "Maria de Buenos Aires", directed by Lorent Wanson, with the Musique Nouvelle orchestra and produced by the Manège de Mons. This show has been performed on the major Belgian national stages (National Theater of Brussels, Royal Theater of Mons, Theater of the place of Liège etc...).

In 2006, they created, in collaboration with François Pettiaux, another place dedicated to tango in Brussels, the 'Cellule 133a', still in operation today.

In 2011, Maryline participated as a dancer-choreographer in the show "Errances en Retour" produced by the French company "Le regard se pose", directed by Jérémy Braitbart, while Vincent, for his part, dedicated himself to writing. of "Terra Tango", a show combining tango and aerial dance.
"Terra Tango"; was produced in 2012 by the Ghent festival of Flanders and performed at the 'Capitole' theater in Ghent. Vincent staged it and danced there with Maryline and 6 other dancers, accompanied by the Soltango orchestra.

In 2013, Vincent opened his third space dedicated to tango in Brussels, the "Nouvelle Argonne", in collaboration with Isaline Claeys, with the complicity of Maryline and with the support of Marcelle Morelle and Xavier Delay.

This space will have a short life and will close its doors after a few months. It will give way to "Argonne III".

In 2014, Maryline participated as a dancer in the show "Hip Hop versus tango", directed by Milan Emmanuel. A battle between a duo of Hip Hop dancers, the Happy Brothers, and a couple of tango dancers, Andrès Surra Rodriguez and herself. This show will be presented in various street festivals.


"Vincent is explosive, he loves chaos, he often gets lost in the infinitely large, Maryline inspires this explosiveness, sculpts it, often she lets herself be absorbed by the infinitely small... The balance between them is thus created ... Invisible threads connect them and they let themselves be carried away in a spellbinding dance, in free fall..."

Maryline Lefor

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