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2023 Festivalito



August 4-6, 2023

Gros-Fays, 5555 Bievre

A music weekend with

- Festive music

- Early music

- Music traditions from the Ardennes & from far away

- Argentinian Tango

- Flamenco

- Latino

FRIDAY party SATURDAY discovery SUNDAY dream

Opening concert Friday at 7.30 pm


Trance Formation

Fanfare  a shot of rum in the jungle, on the loose in Bollywood or love at first sight in Cape Verde!

They blend the rhythms of the world and deliver electric and eccentric music, enhanced with tropical energy.

Vocals, horns, guitar, drums and double bass, for a warm mix that takes you straight to the sun! Party guaranteed on Friday night.




After having gained experience as a dj and in different musical formations, Keyaki started to search for more tribal and traditional sounds. He travelled the world as a street musician and then embarked on a promising solo career during which he played at many major festivals. This one-man orchestra will not leave you unmoved...

Grégoire Tirtiaux.jpg

Ensemble Irini

Ancient Music

Based in Marseille and founded in 2015 by Lila Hajosi, Ensemble Irini specialises in early sacred music from the East and West, between Rome and Constantinople. With a polymorphous ensemble, without soprano, the ensemble illuminates the Renaissance repertoire with new, warm and deep colours. This is the time for a morning reverie at aperitif time, deep in the woods.




"Son y cante" will take us on a journey with a flamenco concert mixing tradition and innovation. Juan el Torre will delight us with a wide range of traditional songs of all colours - sadness, joy, tragedy, celebration, love... Manuel Sanchez will make us dream through the melodies of his oboe and Marc Ruiz de Anna will make the bridge with his guitar accompaniment and his sound coming straight from Jerez de la Frontera, the cradle of this secular art.


Abdullah Miniawy


Jonatan Alvarado was born in Mercedes, in the province of Buenos Aires. His eclectic musical exploration extends far and wide, but he always works from historical sources and the use of historical instruments. His first solo CD, "Pajarillos Fugitivos" concentrates on Spanish songs, pieces of literary traditions from the XVI and XVII centuries intermingled with others belonging to folkloric ones. This music is rich with centuries old intersections and borrowings between cultures, an inevitable occurrence, considering the identity of the old American colonial territories and their population – their complex and mixed nature. 

Violons de BXL_edited.jpg

Les violons de Bxl


Listen, dance and experience the Afro-Colombian repertoire of the Caribbean coast: on stage, three rhythmic and melodic drums are in question-and-answer with the voices. At the intersection of African, indigenous and Spanish traditions, their music unfolds an irresistible power where dance borders on intoxication.


Open Mic


Open stage


Asad Qizilbash

French Folk Song

Singer-songwriter of the group Coïncidence, has sung throughout the French-speaking world and even in Scandinavia. Sebastian Duthoit has composed with Jean-Louis Deaulne, shared the stage with Dick Annegarn, sung with Gabriel Yacoub and with Tri Yann. He recorded with the Flemish folk group Laïs and performed under the midnight sun at a folk festival in Finland. After a few songs at last year's open mic at the festivalito, we're asking for more!

Erik & Filobarocco.jpg



La Crapaude is a female vocal group rooted in the songs of Wallonia. Here in a brand new, more intimate version as a vocal duo, their pictorial and rhythmic arrangements bring our sung heritage to life. On stage, these voices accompany each other to make the stories and landscapes of Wallonia vibrate in a thousand ways. La Crapaude is a new lease of life for this little-known vocal tradition.

Tcha Limberger.webp

Tcha Limberger


Born in Lorestan in West Iran, kamancheh-player Mostafa Taleb was inspired by his mother’s singing in the hooreh style, part of maqami music- the most ancient musical tradition in Iran, transmitted orally for several thousands of years. Another source of inspiration was the folk music in Lorestan, which accompanies every stage of human life, from birth to death. Before his next tour with Jordi Savall, he will perform his solo programme at the festivalito: UNITY.

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